Via Maris Herzliya

member school founded:


Member School Principals:

Shalev & .


Avi, David Omri, Amir Skiba.

Member School Focus:

Recreational Sailing.
Flotilla Group Holidays.
Club Racing.
One-to-One Client Teaching.

Teaching Style:

Semi-formal, in-depth teaching focusing upon building experience through practical self-learning.

Area of Operations:

Tel Aviv, Haifa, Marmaris, Greek Islands, Canary Islands, Thailand.

Vessels used for iymcs Courses:

Varianta 37, Leopard Halo 39, Hanse Harmony 388, Hanse 385, Bavaria 37, Elan Impression 394, Hanse 355, Elan Impression 35, Challenge 67.

Member School Other Activities:

Sailing Club.
Yacht Charter.
Club Racing Organisers.
Corporate Events.
Adventure Holidays.
Classic Tallship Sail Training.
Social Charitable Groups.

Via Maris was founded 20 years ago as a sailing school and yacht club by David & Yosale, who trained and studied in the Netherlands on traditional tall ships.

Via Maris has a strong sense of a social sailing community with a core philosophy of helping others to self-develop and progress through adapting traditional values to modern day concepts.

They are actively involved in a wide range of activities that include; racing events, classic sail vessel training, sailing expeditions etc. The Via Maris Yacht Club has an on-going program of "learning experience" flotilla holidays worldwide.

They have an extensive course range taught by a multi-lingual teaching staff consisting of professional teachers and senior instructors, as well as specialist instructors for particular types of students or subjects.

Via Maris is a well regarded school in the eastern Meditteranean, their hospitality is second to none.

Course are taught in English, Spanish, Russian & Hebrew.

Courses are currently being taught in: Herzliya & Haifa, Israel.

Master 10GT/12m sail.
Master 20GT/15m sail.
Master 40GT/20m sail.
Ocean 20/40.

Master 80GT/Mate 200GT sail.
Master 200GT/Mate 500GT sail.
Maritime Business & Law -Level I.
UnLimited OOW Ocean Astro.

Deck Engineer 40GT.
Race Crew.
Race Skipper.
Ocean 20/40.

Small Vessel Safety Course.
Radio Marine Com SRC/DSC A1.