Our Society, the International Yacht Marine Certification Society (iymcs) was founded last year.

The reason for starting iymcs is a simple one. For many years, I taught courses under a major organisation and dealt with schools and teaching colleagues around the world. During this time I myself and others in the same position, saw an entrenchment of ideas and practices which were dated and many of them were considered to be misfocused.

The support that has been given to us by industry professionals, schools and colleges has been beyond all our expectations. In a very short period of time, ten schools to date have signed-up to become Members of our Society, nine of these are established schools.

I am pleased to announce the appointment of an Executive Director, Sergey, who brings to the Society a wealth of senior management skills at an international level and in doing so, strengthens our senior management team.

Our unique range of course and certification are well structured and follow the international IMO conventions and the Martitime Flag Codes of Practice. The course syllabus is modern, dynamic and is under-pinned by a good depth of knowledge. A true level of Certification of Competency is obtained. Our Members are an integral part of our Society, our Society works for its Members.

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Kindest regards

Roger G. Harrison.
Managing Director.

Roger G. Harrison

Managing Director & Founder.


Roger started sailing as a boy, and grew-up building sailing cruisers in the family business. He started a career at sea by joining the naval cadets and became one of the youngest cadet instructors at 15, and thereafter trained as a deck officer in the merchant navy. After several years at sea, he worked for various marine equipment manufacturers in R & D and technical sales and then worked as a head buyer for a major chain of chandlery shops in the UK. He gained two college national diplomas in; Business & Accounting, Marketing. Roger has sailed dinghies to large superyachts, cruised & raced both offshore and ocean, as a Navigator or Skipper. He has taught recreational yachting courses to yacht master level. During the last 10 years, he has captained large motor yachts up to 30 mtrs. In 2003, Roger joined a major training organisation and undertook various vocational teacher training courses. Since then, he has formed and managed several professional schools, and regulalarly acts as an advisor for numerous schools & colleges worldwide as well as gaining teaching experience in them. Over the years, he has trained more than 1500 students at a professional level teaching the Master 200 Limited power & sail, UnLimited ocean astro for OOW's, maritime business & law, radar & pilotage navigation and radio GMDSS. He is professionally trained Archipelago Baltic pilot for small vessels. He works as a school auditor, examiner and instructor trainer. He is an active yacht industry consultant on business and owner projects, and undertakes development work of teaching techniques, he is currently writing two white papers on crew working practises.

Guy Odell

Operations Director & Co-Founder.


Guy attended Technical college and obtained an HND in High Tech Engineering and then worked for numerous companies in the offshore services industry in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, at an operational and management level. He qualified as an Internal Auditor for ISO for operational safe-working practices. He worked as a consultant and then joined the Board as Director of several offshore services companies in oil & gas exploration. He was actively involved as a senior project manager in the design of RV's & DP's, precision navigation, geophysics studies, hydrographic data and dynamic positioning analysis. He has extensive vessel surveying and compliance experience. Guy has a strong business background and in various roles, has developed various commercial projects for multinationals. Recently he was appointed as a vice-chairman of a large multi-national company in offshore services managing a large fleet of commercial support vessels operating worldwide and was responsible for compliance standards. He has been sailing since a boy and is currently the Owner and Captain of a 22 mtr sailing yacht. He is a qualified instructor and examiner.

Sergey Tagashov

Executive Director & Co-Founder.


Sergey holds a Sail/Power 200GT Limited professional certification and has 20 years of small vessel sailing experience on the East coast of the US, in the Caribbean, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Baltic and North Sea. While living in the US, he has been a Member and Board Member (Maintenance Director) of The Sailing Club of Washington. Sergey holds two Master's Degrees including an International Master of Business Administration from the Moore School of Business (University of South Carolina) with a focus upon operations management. Sergey's 30-year long career took him around the world in both public service and business capacities. He has extensive experience in international diplomacy and in international business operations management in the energy/mineral sector. Sergey resides in the Netherlands, where he co-founded iymcs. In addition to his native Russian, he is a fluent speaker of English and Dutch and has a good comprehension of French and Spanish.

Dr Stephen Price, PH.D.
United Kingdom.
Areas of Expertise:
Watchkeeping Practices, IRPCS, ISM, BRM,
Professional Course Syllabus & Examinations.

Commander P. Flyghed.
Areas of Expertise:
Maritime Law, Professional Teaching Practices,
BRM, ISM, SOLAS, Navigation & Radar,
Pilotage, Examination & Assessment Practices.

Mr D. Simon.
Areas of Expertise:
Recreational School Organisation,
Instructor Training, Course Books Editorial,
Recreational Course Syllabus & Assessments.

Capt(RET) S. Cojocaru, PH.D.
Areas of Expertise:
STCW 1978/2010 Convention, GMDSS, ECDIS,
Flag Recognition & Course Approvals.

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