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Content includes: Course Management Docs, Student & Candidate Docs, Course Books & Materials, Operational & Safety Notices, Marketing Materials and Member's Accounts.

Benefits of a Society Member.

Low annual Member fees.
Recommended course prices.
Course selling referral program.
Area exclusivity agreement.
Low audit costs.
Charter vessels course flexibility.
Classroom premises flexibility.
Business development support.

4 Member Categories, 4 audit levels.
Instructor & teacher training courses.
Simple joining process as a Member.
Centralised document system.
Full QMS support.
Centralised marking of tests & exams.
Basic legal support in maritime affairs.

Unique Course & Certification line-up.
Clarity of capacities of CoC's.
Prof. CoC's STCW code adherence.
Modern course notes & syllabus.
Distinctive notes for each course.
Versatile course structures.
Multi-entry course points.
Cross-overs & grandfathering.
A good range of add-on courses.
Extensive industry knowledge base.
Basic legal support in maritime affairs.

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May we ask you your status:

Welcome to our Society, the International Yacht Marine Certification Society ( iymcs ).

Society Annual Report 2024

During the last four years, iymcs Courses have been running through the Society's Member schools: the feedback from them and their students, has been good. The general acceptance of the iymcs Certifications has been positive due to their high level of; detail, security, compliance: the certification presentation is in keeping with Flag Administration requirements. On a regular basis, we receive certification enquiries from; Flag Administrations, industry professionals and crew: that we deal with promptly through our 6 day a week technical support service.

Our custom-built Quality Management System (QMS) has proven to be robust and is able to adapt to the needs of our Society Member Schools and their operations. Every year, the Society's operations are audited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) of the Netherlands whose auditing standards are considered to be one of the highest. We are also required to undertake internal audits of our procedures by an appointed independent ISO qualified auditor. All this ensures a high standard of operations, an essential quality standards assurance for our Society Member Schools and their students. It is an important element for gaining certification acceptance by the Flag Administrations and industry professionals such as the marine insurance underwriters and the pleasure yacht charter fleet operators.

Uniquely, of all the yacht training organisations, it should be noted that our Society probably is one of the few, if not the only one, that has been ISO 9001:2015 Certified for operations and for the issuing of certifications.

Throughout the past year, we continued our on-going discussions regarding acceptance with several Flag Administrations including with some of the Red Ensign Group of Flags, and other important ones such as Croatia, Marshall Islands and Malta. Several of the Red Ensign Group Flag Administrations have indicated that, in principal, they have no objections to the iymcs Certificates of Competency (CoCs) and will consider them for acceptance on a case-by-case basis. Our application to the MCA UK for accreditation, submitted 18 months ago, is still pending for processing. Unfortunately, they have an extensive list of applications to process but we have been informed by the MCA UK to expect our application to be processed sometime this year.

The second batch of iymcs Course Books for some of the recreational courses have now been completed and will be issued in February 2024. The unique modern format is; interactive adapts to the needs of the Student/Candidate, caters for bi-lingual content and can be correctly digitised.

We have steadily increased the number of Member schools and colleges, at the time of writing, we have 17 signed-up Members of our Society, 13 of these being long-established entities with good track records. Additionally, we have another 3 schools joining as Society Members during this year. We have two Instructor courses as well as a formal crossover procedure.

Society Progression & Industry Projection for 2024:

Our Society will continue to focus on liaising with Flag Administrations, and seek recognition and/or acceptance of iymcs iymcs Courses and Certifications. We will continue with the process of realignment of the iymcs professional Certifications of Competency (CoC) to the STCW convention under the watchkeeping and sea service requirements, with the introduction of a selection of IMO model courses to support the CoCs.

Additional publications of iymcs Course Books, teaching notes and digital presentations are of a high priority for this year. The second stage of development of our Extranet Platform is due to be completed this year and will feature a certified document verification service. Then introduction of professional simulators to our Member schools is being developed.

Key News:

December 2023, beta-testing of the first of the IMO model courses.

September 2023, the appointment of two additional marine industry professionals to the Society's Advisory Panel, that now consists of 6 multi-national advisers who give guidance to the Society's Board of Directors through an annual formal consultation process.

August 2023, the appointment of a qualified ISO 9001:2015 internal auditor.

July 2022, our Society was approved and officially registered at the Central Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO) as a Dutch Educational Society. The CRKBO is the Central Register for Short Vocational Education. Admittance into this register is exclusive to educational institutions that operate within the quality code and regulations set forth by the Dutch government within the European Union guidelines for quality vocational education.

December 2021, the Members section of the new Extranet platform (iymcs.net) was launched for our Member Schools & Colleges, as well as for our instructors/teachers. We spent nine months developing it and a further three months beta testing. The Extranet platform has been designed to work from 3G 512 KBps up out at sea (it even features a night instrumentation mode); it is fast, logically laid out and user-friendly from a Course and Administration point of view. The key features include Course Documentation and materials, Safety Notices, Marketing Materials, Student/Candidate Documentation etc.

October 2021, we appointed the Society's Advisory Panel consisting of four well-qualified maritime professionals, each having a different training skill set and sea-time experience. Their principal job is to advise and guide the Society's Board of Directors.

March 2021, we passed the British Standards Institute ISO audit. Our QMS has been certified ISO 9001:2015. The all-important ‘Scope of Certification’ states ‘Provision of approved training courses to members including individual certification services’. The Scope and its definition are important aspects of recognition and acceptance.

About our Society.

We operate in three main maritime sectors:

Recreational Yachting.
Professional Yachting.
Marine Commercial.

We have taken a fresh approach to course design and content, as well as the Certifications themselves. We cannot 're-invent the wheel' as the saying goes, and there are IMO conventions that we have to respect: But in saying this, we believe that we have managed to create a set of courses and certifications that are unique in their aspect as well as their principals.

Our core development base is centred around a custom-made Quality Management System (QMS) which is in full compliance with ISO9001:2015. This QMS and its compliance are important elements in obtaining recognition and approvals from Maritime Administrations & Industry Bodies alike. Unusually for such an organisation, all our courses & certifications, as well as our operations, will be under these standards. The principal reason is for us to maintain consistency in quality right across the board.

A unique aspect of our Society is that all the Nautical Schools and Maritime Colleges running iymcs courses are 'Members' and are actively involved in the development of our Society. The Members are in effect part of the Society. We are a profit-making organisation though the majority of our annual profits are re-invested into the Society and its Members, as declared in our Society Statutes and within our QMS.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage, we hope that, if you are not already, you become a 'Member' and on behalf of our team, we look forward to working together with you.

Kindest regards

Roger G. Harrison.
Managing Director.

List of "iymcs" courses as of 1st August 2022.

Recreational Certifcate of Competency: Professional Certifcate of Competency:

Master 10GT/12m™ power.
Master 40GT/17m™ power.
Master 10GT/12m™ sail.
Master 20GT/15m™ sail.
Master 40GT/20m™ sail.

Master 80GT/Mate 200GT™ power.
Master 80GT/Mate 200GT™ sail.
Watchleader 80GT/24m™.
Master 200GT/Mate 500GT™ sail.
Master 200GT/Mate 500GT™ power.

Course Certifications & Endorsements (Rec): Course Certifications & Endorsements (Pro):

Open-Sportsboat 10m™.
Race Crew.
PWC JetS-WaveR-SeaD.
Ocean 20/40™.
Deck Engineer 40GT™.

Yacht Tender Crew 15m™.
UnLimited Ocean Astro Course.
High-Speed Navigation.
Deck Engineer 40GT™.
Deck Engineer 80GT™.
Radio GMDSS ROC + SatCom.
Maritime Business & Law I.
Cosmopolitan Steward/ess Course I.
Cosmopolitan Steward/ess Course II.

How to become a Member.

We have a simple application process.

Please could you fill-in the attached form.
ops 1.3.1 Member Application Form
and send it to us by email. Thank you.

(To fill out the form, you will need a PDF editor to do this, some of these can be found here...)

How much are the Member annual fees?

For Member Categories I, II, III & IV:

623,- Euros + VAT @21.0%.

What is included in the annual fees?

  • Two instructor or teacher files & approvals (exlc. certifications).

  • An iymcs Members Operations Handbook.

  • Member access to iymcs extranet.

  • Set-up of your document management system.

  • A Member feature page on our website.

  • An iymcs promotional marketing pack.

  • Short-term business plan for your business (if required).

Other Member fees?

Other fees are listed in our "Members General Fees List" (ref 8.5.1). Some key points:

  • Simple one-level Member annual fees for all course categories, no differing membership level fees.

  • Fixed Assessor & Examiner Costs with travelling costs guidelines.

  • Reasonable Student or Candidate Certificate issuing costs.

  • Reasonable Certificate revaidation costs, no financial penalties for late renewals.

  • Fixed audit costs + travelling costs guidelines.
If you do wish to clarify any issue related to Member fees, please contact us.

How to become an iymcs Instructor or Teacher.

Our Society differentiates between a teacher and an instructor: Both have their qualtities. The ability to teach or instruct others is a skill in itself, and some would even go onto say a calling. A person can be an expert in a subject but not neccessarily have the abilities to deliver it in class. No matter your experience or level of knowledge, the Society welcomes everybody who is keen to instruct or teach. We have two iymcs dedicated teaching training courses, one for a iymcs instructor and the other, for a iymcs teacher. All the iymcs instructors & teachers are assigned to a particular Member School.

We have a simple application process.

Please could you fill-in the attached form.
ops 3.4.3 Instructor Teacher Application Form
and send it to us by email. Thank you.

(To fill out the form, you will need a PDF editor to do this, some of these can be found here...)