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Why choose an iymcs Course & Certification.

Unique Course & Certification line-up.
Internationally recognised Certifications.
ISO 9001:2015 Compliance.
Clarity of capacities of CoC's.
Prof. CoC's STCW code adherence.
Unique Certification format & design.
"iymcs" leather certificate holders.
CoC's can be used as secondary ID.
Adaptive courses that cater for your needs.
Modern course notes & syllabus.
Distinctive notes for each course.
Flexible course schedules to choose from.
Multi-entry course points.
Cross-overs & grandfathering options.
A good range of add-on courses.
Professionally trained Member schools.

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Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the the International Yacht Marine Certification Society (iymcs).

We have taken a fresh approach to course design and content, as well as the Certifications themselves. We cannot 're-invent the wheel' as the saying goes, and there are such things as IMO conventions as well as national maritime and regional regulations that we have to respect: But in saying this, we believe that we have managed to create a set of courses and certifications that are unique in their aspect as well as their principals. We have divided the iymcs courses and certifications for recreational and professional usage, each having their distinct requirements and differing syllabus accordingly. Some organisations do not do this believing that it is the same syllabus.

The Member Schools also take an active interest in our Society, they are part of it and are closely involved in what we do. They are all professionally trained and to ensure a high level of quality in their operations, they adhere to our Quality Management System procedures under the ISO 9001:2015 compliance standards.

The iymcs Certifications and Certificates of Competencies (CoC's) I have to say look fantastic. They are professionally produced with their custom-design leather holders, you feel like you are getting something special for all the work that you put into your iymcs course. There is nothing worse than paying good money for a course and at the end of it, just getting a plastic discount card with minimal security as a certification that costs 50 cents to produce.

On behalf of our team and our Members, thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage. If you do need any further information regarding our iymcs courses, please contact our Operations Office as shown below or one of our Members will be pleased to assist you.

Kindest regards

Roger G. Harrison.
Managing Director.

List of "iymcs" courses as of 1st August 2022

Recreational Certifcate of Competency: Professional Certifcate of Competency:

Master 10GT/12m™ power.
Master 40GT/15m™ power.
Master 10GT/12m™ sail.
Master 20GT/15m™ sail.
Master 40GT/20m™ sail.

Master 80GT/Mate 200GT™ power.
Master 80GT/Mate 200GT™ sail.
Watchleader 80GT/24m™.
Master 200GT/Mate 500GT™ sail.
Master 200GT/Mate 500GT™ power.

Course Certifications & Endorsements (Rec): Course Certifications & Endorsements (Pro):

Open-Sportsboat 10m™.
Race Crew.
PWC JetS-WaveR-SeaD.
Ocean 20/40™.
Deck Engineer 40GT™.

Yacht Tender Crew 15m.
UnLimited Ocean Astro Course.
High-Speed Navigation.
Deck Engineer 40GT™.
Deck Engineer 80GT™.
Radio GMDSS ROC + SatCom.
Maritime Business & Law I.
Cosmopolitan Steward/ess Course™ I.
Cosmopolitan Steward/ess Course™ II.

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About the "iymcs" Recreational Courses:

One of the major re-thinks has been to remove the traditional concept of a course and certificate being a Coastal something, a Offshore something or a Ocean something. Sailing & boating practices have changed, it is time to move-on.

A unique aspect of iymcs recreational CoC courses is that they adapt wherever possible to your needs. The courses are dynamic and interactive using meaningful learning techniques. An important aspect to iymcs recreational courses is that the course starts-off with technology and modern day systems, and then it is supported by traditional methods in practical exercises.

About the iymcs Professional Courses:

For the iymcs professional students, we have created a full career structure, with a logical qualifying sea-time step-up.

For deck crew, we have the all-important iymcs Deck Engineer courses so your CoC is dual-role (pending vessels flag and insurance company approval). We have multiple cross-over points into the iymcs structure, as well as an intermediate semi-professional CoC that enables the start of a career change from recreational to professional status for many small-vessel crew. The CoC's Certifications are the same format as the Seamans Discharge or Log Books.

For interior crew, we have two well-proven Cosmopolitan Steward/ess course, that are hands-on training, for different size of boats.

Certification Re-Validations.

Technically speaking, there is no legal requirement to refresh a recreational CoC under the international conventions.
Some organisations insist that all Certificates issued by them are revalidated for a cost, obviously in most cases this is purely a financial gain to benefit the organisation itself.

Revalidation of iymcs Recreational CoC's;
currently, there is no requirement to revalidate.

Revalidation of iymcs Professional CoC's:
under the STCW convention, all professional CoC's including those issued by "iymcs" will require revalidation.

Revalidation of iymcs Certifications & Endorsements:
some of these do require periodical revalidation, such as the radio certifications.

All required revalidations are done by taking refresher courses or/and a personal medical examination. Each course & certification specific webpage indicates if the "iymcs" Certification or CoC requires revalidation or not.